Build Faramis Sick 2022 in Mobile Legends After Revamp

Back again with us this time we got the worst 2022 Faramis Build in Mobile Legends (ML) after getting Revamp.

Faramis becomes a good Hero to do Push Rank in Mobile Legends Season 25 after getting Revamp. His ultimate is very useful when war occurs, where he can give additional HP to teammates, and revive him when he dies.

In addition, the damage from Faramis can't be underestimated either. In fact, Top Global Faramis with the right build, is able to get a very large number of kills in Mobile Legends.

Here's Build Faramis sick in Mobile Legends (ML) after Revamp.

Build Faramis Sick 2022 in Mobile Legends (ML)

The items you need to make the worst Build Faramis 2022 in Mobile Legends (ML) after Revamp are Magic Shoes, Enchanted Talisman, Fleeting Time, Ice Queen Wand, Genius Wand, and Holy Crystal. Here's the explanation.

1. Magic Shoes

The first item for Build Faramis sick 2022 in Mobile Legends is Magic Shoes. Magic Shoes will reduce Skill Cooldown by 10%, and increase 40 Movement Speed.

Please note that Faramis is a Hero who really needs a reduction in Cooldown Skills. The reason is, he has to use Skill 2 to repay the enemy's HP. So, the Core just gave the final attack.

2. Enchanted Talisman

The next item is the Echanted Talisman. As we said above, Faramis really needs a reduction in Skill Cooldown, and an increase in Mana at the beginning of the Game. So, the Enchanted Talisman that reduces the Skill Cooldown by 20% will be very suitable for Faramis to use.

Coupled with Unique Passive Enchanted Talisman which will add 15% Mana from Max Mana every 10 seconds. So, Faramis will be increasingly able to use his skills continuously.

3. Fleeting Time

The next Cooldown reduction item for Faramis can be obtained from Fleeting Time. Fleeting Time will reduce 15% Cooldown Skill. So, after this third item is obtained, Faramis will have a 45% reduction in Skill Cooldown.

He could use all of his skills very quickly, and freely for sure. Coupled with the unique passive Fleeting Time which will reduce the Ultimate Cooldown by 30% when providing Assists or eliminating enemy Heroes. Then, Faramis will become even stronger.

4. Ice Queen Wand

The next worst build Faramis in Mobile Legends (ML) in 2022 is Ice Queen Wand. This item will give a unique passive which will reduce 15% Movement Speed ​​​​of the enemy for 3 seconds when we attack using a Skill.

So, the enemy will not be easy to escape from Faramis attack. Coupled with Skill 1 Faramis which can pull the enemy back towards him. Then, Faramis will be even more terrible huh.

5. Genius Wand

When the Late Game arrives, surely the enemy heroes already have Magical Defense Items. So, Faramis needs a unique passive from the Genius Wand which will reduce the enemy's Magic Defense by 3-7 when we attack using a skill. So, the enemy will be easier to overthrow in Mobile Legends.

6. Holy Crystal

The most painful 2022 Faramis build in Mobile Legends (ML) is Holy Crystal. This item will add 100 Magic Power, and has a unique passive that will add 21-35% Magic Attack. So, Faramis will have very high Magic Power later.

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