How to Login With ArenaNet Account in Guild Wars 2 Steam Version

On August 23, 2022, ArenaNet and NCSoft officially launched Guild Wars 2 via the popular Steam platform. This is certainly predicted to invite new players to enliven the world of Tyria.

However, for old players who are interested in returning to Guild Wars 2, they may wonder whether the account previously created directly via ArenaNet can be used on the Steam version? Well, the answer to that question is of course you can, even the method is quite easy.

You can check the steps as follows:

  1. Download Guild Wars 2 from the launcher or via the Steam page.
  2. Right-click the game in the Library on the Steam launcher and select Properties.
  3. Go to General and in the Launch Options section enter “-provider Portal” (without the quotes) as shown below.

If successful, then the next display when running Guild Wars 2 via Steam is the appearance of the original version of the ArenaNet launcher directly, which is certainly no stranger to old players.

It should also be noted that players who log in directly via Steam or ArenaNet can still meet and learn from each other. The only difference is related to access to the Expansion Pack and items from the Gem Store; purchases made through an ArenaNet account will not be accessible if using a Steam account, and vice versa. So this bypass method is certainly very useful for those of you who want to return to Guild Wars 2, but are reluctant to spend again for the exact same content and only different launchers.

I myself tried it and can confirm that the bypass method works well without any problems. All Expansion Packs, content and game progress that I have lived are still the same as when I left a few years ago.

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