Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Remake Also Heading For Next-Gen PC and Platforms

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Remake, now titled Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, got its first trailer last September through Nintendo Direct. This announcement via Nintendo Direct makes fans think that the game will be exclusive to the Switch first. However, Marvelous said differently through the second trailer and will bring A wonderful Life to PC and Next-Gen platforms.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Remake Coming to Next-Gen Platforms and PC

Through the latest trailer released on the official Marvelous channel. This time Marvelous publicly announced that Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life will not be exclusive to Nintendo Switch for a certain time. Just like the previous Story of Seasons titles, this game will also be released on various platforms other than Switch. That means Marvelous has seen that the next-gen console market as well as PC is a promising prospect in the future.

In the trailer, Marvelous shows off in customizing the appearance of characters that did not exist in the classic version during Natsume's time as the publisher. In the trailer, Natsume also shows some of the villagers of Forget-Me-Not-Valley who will be attending the game. Likewise with life looking for a life partner to having children who will grow up as the game progresses. Marvelous also presents a photo mode like the previous Story of Seasons games.

For the time of release, Marvelous has determined that this game will be released around the summer of 2023. Of course, this is not an exact schedule and only Marvelous' estimates. Hopefully there are no delays and can be released on time!

A Wonderful Life Becomes One of the Most Unique Harvest Moon Games

Unlike most Harvest Moons, the main focus is farming, becoming rich, and getting married and having children. Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life actually emphasizes our own lives as farmers, especially in having a family and raising children to adulthood.

This is shown directly in the post marriage event, which was quite abundant in its time. As our child grows, he will later have his own interests and talents in a field depending on the number of activities we do as players and with whom we make friends with the villagers.

Not only that, if you don't pay attention to your family to a certain point, your wife and children will not hesitate to leave the house and go to their old house. You as a player can also win your wife's heart back.

Finally, Marvelous is more open with other platforms! How? Harvest Moon fans can't wait to try the remake, right?

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