Set a New Record, Steam Active Users Touch The Number 30 Million Players

Steam Active Users – Steam has just broken its own record with active users hitting the 30 million mark. Wow, are you serious!? Instead of being confused and curious, let's find out together!

Steam Active Users Soared Since 2020

At the time this article was written (24/10), Steam Charts data shows the number 30.006,895, while on the SteamDB site it is slightly more with 30,032,005 active users. For a rough comparison, this figure is roughly equivalent to the total population of the country of Nepal.

Steam usage continues to increase. This platform, where users can buy legal games online, surged in users in 2020 along with the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak and the implementation of self-isolation around the world. Steam's last record was recorded in January 2021 with 25 million active users. The highest number continues to hold until it is solved by Steam at this time.

In comparison to this surge, it took 14 years for Steam to attract the 15 million active users it achieved in 2017. Indeed, Steam took a long journey to reach such a high lift and become the center of PC gaming today. Valve itself was founded by Gabe Newell or better known to gamers as Gaben in 1996 along with his colleague while working at Microsoft, namely Mike Harrington. At that time, the first game offered by Valve was Half-Life which became an iconic game from Valve besides Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead.

In 2003, Valve released Steam, an online gaming service for selling PC games that can be purchased online. Now, Steam has become a giant in terms of distribution and marketing of Games on PC. There are no PC gamers today who don't know Steam.

Latest Steam Sale Schedule for this Year Until 2023

Speaking of Steam, there will be a massive discount in the style of Gaben which is popular among gamers under the name Steam Sale. Valve made changes to their seasonal discounts by eliminating the Lunar New Year Sale which is usually held in January each year.

Even if one Steam Sale is removed, Valve will add a Spring Sale as a replacement for the Lunar New Year Sale. The Steam Spring Sale will be available starting next year on March 16 and lasts for one week.

Meanwhile, this year, Steam will hold an Autumn Sale which will take place from November 22 to November 29, followed by a Winter Sale from December 22 to January 5, 2023.

How? Do you think this is one of Steam's biggest achievements so far? Can Steam set another new record in the future?

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