How to Logout Mobile Legend Account To Be Safer Or Replace With Another

Mobile Legend has become one of the MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) games that are widely played by people from small children to adults.

To facilitate the transfer of Mobile Legend game data from one cellphone to another, Moonton itself has provided a Bind feature to bind a Mobile Legend account with a Moonton account, email, VK, Facebook, or TikTok.

Bind allows all game data to be stored on the Mobile Legend server based on the linked account, for example email or Facebook. That way, you can continue the data that has been played even if you move mobile phones as long as you enter the linked account.

But there are times when you want to logout from Mobile Legend on your old cellphone because it has been sold. Unfortunately, Mobile Legend itself does not directly display the account logout menu on the Settings page, so you need to use a different method than usual.

Therefore, you can still log out of the Bind account directly in the Mobile Legend application, even though there are conditions that must be met and the menu is hidden.

How to Logout Mobile Legend Account

  1. Open the Mobile Legend app
  2. On the main game page, select the Profile page (with an Avatar icon or photo) at the top left
  3. Select the Account menu
  4. On the Account Settings page, select Account Center
  5. Press the Device Management button
  6. Press the Log out from the device button next to the device you want to log out of
  7. Next, press the OK button

Meanwhile, if you want to remove the Bind Mobile Legend account from all existing devices, you can immediately press the Log Out All button. Next, press the Confirm button and the account will sign out of all those devices.

It's just that, you can do this method after you enter the account on your cellphone or second device. That way you can only use this feature to log out of the account on the first cellphone.

If you do not have another device to log in with that account, then you can select the Switch Account menu to enter a new account so that the old account on the device will be removed.

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